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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

I don’t have what one would characterize as a LOT of friends. That’s not to say I’m not liked. I’m pretty sure most rational people who meet me are fairly ok with me. It’s once they get to know me….but that’s for another time. Most people appear to like people in general (or are at least polite enough to not go running in the opposite direction – although based on some of the true crime series I’m watching, there are people you should go running in the opposite direction of when you meet them. Again, that’s for another time). I’d wager that rarely does one meet someone and think “Ugh, you’re the worst!” I imagine it’s more likely that people meet people and and are fairly neutral on them (ok, I’ll admit some people can be annoying right off the bat, but not the worst people ever) until some watershed moment where they realize the other person is either friend or foe. And still, that watershed moment doesn’t always occur, and people remain merely acquaintances or that guy you met once but can’t ever remember his name.

Throw Away!

This is a complete throw away post, mostly about my latest obsession(s). They are many-ish and varied, and chances are I’ve already talked to the five people reading this blog about these  in person and/or on Facebook.

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