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Crossing Lines in the Name of Shoes


I was talking to someone about this blog the other day, telling them that I classify it as one of the more self-centered things I’ve done. I mean, when you get down to it, I’m pretty much just writing about me and hoping you all are entertained. Their response was  “Not certain if a blog is self-centered if you have something to say and someone cares to listen.  The problem I have with most blogs is the person telling the tale doesn’t have much of a tale to tell.  In other words, telling the world about your problems with finding the right pair of jeans can be utterly hilarious, painful, and self-relating or it can simply be the most boring discussion of going to the mall.”

Nothing Ceramic Can Stay

Dear Flatiron,

What happened? I thought we had a good thing going. You and me and the hair dryer against the ever -changing temperature and humidity of the world. Don’t tell the hair dryer (or the phone for that matter), but I always considered you the first wife in my polygamous relationship with appliances. You were my anchor. What got me out the door in the mornings when it was overcast and raining.