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Wish You Were Here!

My parents just got back from vacation, and it reminded me of the family vacations we took when I was a kid. I have some really fond memories of long road trips listening to Bryan Adams on a Walkman and hoping the hotel we were staying in had a pool.  I also learned some very valuable lessons along the way. Of course, the most important one was “Always pack snacks” followed closely by “Try to wait until you’ve left your street before diving into the snacks.” The rest are below in no particular order.

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Just Call Me Steve

Everyone is funny. Everyone has a sense of humor. It may not be a mainstream sense of humor, and maybe you can’t tell a joke to save your life, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your moments of hilarity.  In my opinion, nothing kills a joke faster than trying too hard, and nothing saves it faster than self deprecation. This especially helps in those moments when you start telling a story and realize half way into it’s one of those “had to be there stories.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that. Being able to laugh at yourself is truly one of the keys to developing and maintaining a sense of humor. Looking back, I have had sooooo many missed opportunities to laugh at myself. Opportunities that my family never failed to take advantage of.

And Then We Went to Cracker Barrel

One of my rules when I started writing this blog was that I was going to keep it work free. Not that I don’t like my job or want you to know what I do. It’s specifically because I do like my job – especially the part where I get paid. But, you guys, just this once, I’m breaking my own rule because this story is too awesome not to tell (or at least I think it is, and therefore the five people who read this blog will be subjected to it).

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This past week, my spleen once again mutinied and my platelets tanked. As a result, I was invited back to the fabulous Virginia Hospital Center. Unlike last time, I didn’t have to ride up to my room in a wheelchair and a backless gown, and was even allowed to go home and feed the cat and pack a bag before I checked in. So as you can see, it truly was like a mini vacation.

Crossing Lines in the Name of Shoes


I was talking to someone about this blog the other day, telling them that I classify it as one of the more self-centered things I’ve done. I mean, when you get down to it, I’m pretty much just writing about me and hoping you all are entertained. Their response was  “Not certain if a blog is self-centered if you have something to say and someone cares to listen.  The problem I have with most blogs is the person telling the tale doesn’t have much of a tale to tell.  In other words, telling the world about your problems with finding the right pair of jeans can be utterly hilarious, painful, and self-relating or it can simply be the most boring discussion of going to the mall.”

After spending 2 ½ days as a “guest” of the fabulous Virginia Hospital Center, I was finally released to continue on my merry way. I left the hospital with my platelets boosted and a prescription for enough Prednisone to do to a horse whatever it is Prednisone would do to harm a horse. I’m sure I could research this and provide you with a pithy metaphor, but I like to encourage people to stretch their imaginations (and I’m too lazy to think of one right now).

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The Great Platelet Exodus of 2010/2011

Eight months ago, I went to the doctor for a routine check-up/renewal of prescriptions and told her, off handedly “Hey, while I’m here, I have this weird rash all over that looks a little like burst blood vessels.” She says “hmmm, I have no idea what that might be, but let’s get a blood test.” So I go and give blood, get my prescriptions and go about my business…..
Many of you (if not all of you) have heard these stories before. Heck, a lot of you lived this story. Put up with my phone calls filled with emotional breakdowns, and in some cases, lived with the emotional apocolypse that was my seven month stint at what appeared to be a well-meaning non profit.