OK, I’m going to try to post to this thing more regularly, which means, if you choose to follow, prepared to be bored, confused and/or slightly uncomfortable at my awkwardness. That’s to say, prepare to have your normal reaction to reading what I post here. I’m pretty sure I’ll be relying on Instagram for a LOT of content, although I do promise to keep the cat pictures to a minimum. I’ll save those for Facebook! Instead, I’ll keep it classy here with artsy photos of sunrises through rain drop-splattered car windows:



Hahahaha, that’s a lie. I’ll most likely post several pictures of the cat. Mostly just to document her ongoing plot to smother me in my sleep and steal all my pants (I’m not crazy….it’s true).

In all honesty, the last year has been kind of an awesome one. Lots of changes, including my recent “hobby” of running. I say “hobby” because I’m not convinced I enjoy running so much as I enjoy the point in the run when I stop. I kid (but only a little bit).

For now, consider this fair warning for future randomness! (Also “Future Randomness” is absolutely going to be the title of my second album…I’ll keep you posted on the first).