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Cowtown Half Marathon!

Sunday, my friend and I did the Cowtown half marathon. It was a blast! This was my second half marathon, and while I didn’t experience the “holy crap, what did I just accomplish?” moment of my first, I did have that moment of “hey, this is a thing I can actually do on the regular!”

I called my mom after the race and she asked “Where in Fort Worth did you run?” to which I answered “Everywhere.”

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I find I’m usually the last one to figure out what inspires me. Maybe it’s because I rarely take the opportunity to step back and examine my life in the macro. When I do, the patterns are usually slapping me in the face. Whether it’s that I’ve bought ten shirts over six months that all look alike, or in this case, that I’ve taken multiple photos of the SAME thing over and over. I’m sure my social media friends have blocked or hidden me by now, probably muttering “Geez, ANOTHER picture of the sky, I get it.”

I’ve tried to stop, but find I am unable to, so I inflict them on the internet. Here are some of my personal favorites.


Dallas Skyline

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Throw Away!

This is a complete throw away post, mostly about my latest obsession(s). They are many-ish and varied, and chances are I’ve already talked to the five people reading this blog about these ┬áin person and/or on Facebook.

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