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Just Call Me Steve

Everyone is funny. Everyone has a sense of humor. It may not be a mainstream sense of humor, and maybe you can’t tell a joke to save your life, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your moments of hilarity.  In my opinion, nothing kills a joke faster than trying too hard, and nothing saves it faster than self deprecation. This especially helps in those moments when you start telling a story and realize half way into it’s one of those “had to be there stories.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that. Being able to laugh at yourself is truly one of the keys to developing and maintaining a sense of humor. Looking back, I have had sooooo many missed opportunities to laugh at myself. Opportunities that my family never failed to take advantage of.

I have never claimed to be a hardcore feminist. I also don’t look at the world around me and think that the sexes are treated 100% equally. Does it bother me that sometimes management seems like a boys club or that occasionally it’s assumed that my tiny feminine fingers can’t construct a simple chair (true story)? Yes, yes it does. Do I sit back and accept that that’s the world I live in? No. What I do is try my best to prove people wrong by being a strong and independent woman.

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I asked a friend the other day if she ever wondered how effective her skill set would be in the event of an Apocalypse. She said no, she has never considered that. To which I respond “Fair enough.” I recognize that normal people don’t dwell on the minutiae of a theoretical Apocalypse (which by the way spell check tells me is capitalized), but I have never claimed to be normal. Continue reading