Sunday, my friend and I did the Cowtown half marathon. It was a blast! This was my second half marathon, and while I didn’t experience the “holy crap, what did I just accomplish?” moment of my first, I did have that moment of “hey, this is a thing I can actually do on the regular!”

I called my mom after the race and she asked “Where in Fort Worth did you run?” to which I answered “Everywhere.”

Honestly, it was a good time. We also finished the alphabet game, which, if you’ve ever tried to find a random Z, you’ll realize is an accomplishment in and of itself.

I’ll be back with a report from the March 23rd Dallas Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon (which I signed up for while under the influence of prescription-grade Ibuprofen and exercise-induced euphoria).


Elvis Lives!


A guy just before this told us “It’s all downhill from here!” He was a liar.


I’m a sucker for a pun, so of course I LOVE this shirt.