This is a complete throw away post, mostly about my latest obsession(s). They are many-ish and varied, and chances are I’ve already talked to the five people reading this blog about these  in person and/or on Facebook.

Obsession #1

I Survived – Holy Crap! Now to be fair I’ve been obsessed with this program before. We had a short fling back in early 2010. I couldn’t tell you what happened. I got busy, the show’s season ended, we drifted apart, but then one day, it was as though we had never been separated. Now I look forward to seeing it every day. Sandwiched between reruns of “Notorious” (the crime show, not the Tory Spelling reality show) and City Confidential, I Survived features survivors of horrible crimes, natural disasters and other life threatening situations talking about their ordeal and how they survived.  It’s disturbing and uplifting all at the same time. It’s also educational. For example, I’ve learned that you should always stop for someone wandering down the road bleeding/looking like they’re near death, conversely you should NOT offer rides to hitchhikers (to be fair I already knew that one).

Obsession #2

Duct Tape Dress Form – I got a sewing machine for Christmas and so far I’m a sewing genius! If by sewing genius you mean able to sew two dish towels together to make an approximation of a tote bag, then, yes, I am the Albert Einstein of sewing.  I would eventually like to make my way up to making actual clothing for myself. My dream is to make clothes I would actually wear in public. That being said I think I might want a dress form. My local knitting store charges for a workshop to make one, but I found the tutorial online, so now my plan is to have a party wherein guests wrap each other in duct tape to make a dress form. Awesome, right? Or, you know crazy.

Here’s the tutorial: I think the key to this is going into it realizing that you’re gonna look like an idiot wrapped in duct tape for at least an hour, go to the bathroom BEFORE you start, and wear a long sleeved shirt. Those little arm hairs hurt when they’re ripped out.

Obsession #3 – I assume that this is pretty much like Instagram, although I haven’t used Instagram since I have an Android not an iPhone. I’m currently uploading pictures like a madwoman and I’m obsessed with the “Russian Camera Lens” filter. They make my pictures look fancy and it’s fun!


This is an alpaca, but with the addition of the Russian Camera Lens (RCL) he's a fancy alpaca.

Then there’s the cat, of course. Most of the time she sits around the apartment alternately glaring at me and looking like she’s trying to figure out how to get rid of me. However, with a little RCL:

The Cat practicing for her audition for the next Abercrombie photo shoot.

And these three are just weird and a combination of what happens when I get bored at home with my camera:

What happens when I get bored.....

This is one of those weird flippy museum block things. I like this side of it and tend to take pictures of it for some odd reason.

She tried to ignore the large rooster behind her.


I recognize that this is a random slightly schizophrenic post, but this is what’s occupying my time right now. If you’re so inclined, let me know what you’re currently obsessed and/or fascinated by!